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Olomouc 2018

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28.09.2018 - 30.09.2018


Hallo Sportfreunde,

folgende Einladung hat uns erreicht. Wer am Turnier teilnehmen möchte, meldet sich bitte bis 20.08.2018 direkt beim Veranstalter an.

Mail an: kvetoslava.trneckova@tiscali.cz


to the 9th annual International Showdown Tournament for men and women

Greetings from the Czech Republic,

let me heartily invite you to the  9th annual International Showdown Tournament for men and women

Date of event:
28th of September (arrival)
29th of September (main event)
30th of September (departure)

Entry fee: 90 EUR

The fee covers lunch and dinner during the main event and two nights accomodation with breakfast.

The accommodation for the participants is arranged at the Vysokoškolské koleje G. Svobody, Šmeralova 12, Olomouc

Applications are accepted until 20th of August 2018 and payments by 10th of September 2018 (the data for payment will be provided upon receipt of applications).

Please send me Your application as soon as possible so I can contact the other players.

The main event will be played at 4-5 tables of Czech production.

The appendix includes detailed propositions for the tournament.

Květoslava Trnečková
tournament director

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